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Review Examines Andreas Wecker and Activation Products’ Panaseeda Five Oil Blend for Whole Body Health

Panaseeda Coriander Seed Info & Video

An Elegant Solution For Leaky Gut, Candida
And Insidious Heavy Metals…

Well first, with an EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: We are now stocked with the world’s ONLY Coriander Oil. Completely organic, raw, and ZERO pressed!

But I want you, and the rest of our subscribers to **REALLY GET** this one…

Here’s why:
Candida and heavy metals (like mercury) – are the leading cause of leaky gut syndrome!
Leaky gut opens the doors and leads a wide array of “auto-immune” conditions.
Candida is said to play a major role in Cancer.
Heavy metals, like aluminum and mercury, sabotage your GI tract, and can cause irreparable damage – leading to things like MS & nervous system disorders, Alzheimers and MORE…
Undeniable evidence shows the association between mercury, aluminum and leaky gut – with Autism, in undeveloped Children.
Got hormonal issues? Chances are candida, leaky gut, heavy metals – or ALL 3 are playing a part.
What about debilitating LETHARGY? …the same likelihood.

Now, the “revelation” if you will…

Leaky gut and Candida – are more often than not, A RESULT of dangerous heavy metal toxicity!

….And you CAN NOT avoid them all if you tried!

This is why “Coriander Oil” is the digestive miracle that finally allowed Andreas Wecker to regain his optimum vitality. (Also why Coriander became part of our “5-Seed Blend” – which is wonderful for maintaining wellness)

This is why Coriander Seed Oil, independently offers A WHOLE NEW REALM OF POSSIBILITIES for your health and wellness.


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