3 Big Benefits of Adding Flaxseed Oil to your Diet

You probably already know the benefits of adding flaxseeds into your diet, they’re incredibly high in fiber and protein, plus they contain large amounts of Omega 3’s- but what I bet you didn’t know is…

Flaxseed (or Linseed) oil, the oil that comes from pressed flaxseeds is chock FULL of incredible additional health benefits!

The beautiful thing about flaxseed oil is that it’s incredibly flexible, it has a light slightly nutty flavor and you can add it to just about any recipe or even combine it with vinegar and spices for an amazing salad dressing.

Even if you’re already getting actual flaxseeds into your daily nutrition routine, adding flaxseed oil unlocks literally thousands of additional benefits!

Here are the top 3 reasons you need to add flaxseed oil into your diet:

  1. Helps maintain healthy arteries and circulation. Flaxseed oil contains one of the highest concentrations of ALA (Alpha-linolenic-acid) anywhere in the plant kingdom ALA’s have been proven to decrease the instances of heart and circulatory issues, especially in women.
  2. Helps keep your immune system strong. Flaxseed oil helps reduce inflammation, unlike super processed vegetable oils which add to the problem. The ALA’s in flaxseed oil actually help the body reduce the effects of chronic inflammation over time.
  3. Maintains healthy digestion. Flaxseed oil has been proven to help aid in digestion, relieve constipation and maintain good colon health! Flaxseed oil is actually a type of lipid that helps your gallbladder produce more bile and aids in proper digestion and absorption of the nutrients in your food keeping your system running smoothly!

Amazingly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amazing health benefits of adding flaxseed oil into your nutritional routine.

But not all flaxseed oil is created equally – Our Perfect Press™ Flax Oil helps your heart, supports balanced blood sugar levels, promotes healthy weight maintenance, feeds your brain, encourages a healthy inflammation response and strengthens your immune system. Learn how you can get your own supply and reap all the benefit this nutritional powerhouse can unleash in your own life.

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