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Activation Europe is the official supplier and fufilment centre for
Andreas Seed Oils, Silver Biotics & Magnesium CALM

We have been importing, producing and distributing some of the most life-enhancing supplements and oils available worldwide since 2012. Activation Europe strives to provide the best supplements, with fast and reliable worldwide shipping, at a great price.

We ship directly to you from our UK fufillment centre, with FREE UK Delivery and low cost postage prices to all EU countries + Internationally.

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We decided after poor communications with Activation Products USA in Jan 2019, to reach out and find either similar or enhanced high quality supplements/oils from reputable producers from around the globe. We’ve gone back to our roots and created a wonderful partnership with Andreas Wecker (Former German Olympic Gymnast – Gold, Silver & Bronze Medallist). He owns the patent on PanaSeeda Seed Oils and we stock his complete exciting Organic ranges.

We also found a superior bottle and Pharmaceutical Grade – Mg Chloride Hexahydrate, which allowed us to create our own 1st BRAND – Magnesium CALM 100ml (travel) & 250ml sprays. We then reached out to the producer of Silver Biotics and we stock many of their exciting ranges.

All raw materials must meet exact standards of purity and potency. The finest state of the art methods are employed in all aspects of production to maintains and preserve the highest nutritional value.

Topical Magnesium Sprays

Topical Magnesium

Topical Magnesium, each spray contains 28mg of the purest form of bioavailable Magnesium. Aids muscle recovery & alleviates stress. Spray on, wipe and go!

Magnesium Spray
andreas cold pressed seed oils front narrow

Cold Pressed Oils

We are the official UK and EU distribution centre for Andreas Weckers' famous patented range of Non GMO, Organic Cold Pressed Seed Oils.

Andreas' Seed Oils
silver biotics immune support supplement silversol

Silver Biotics

Silver Biotics have taken colloidal silver and improved it to create the next generation of silver products. SilverSol® products are safer and more effective.

Silver Immune Support

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