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We decided after poor communications with Activation Products in Jan 2019 to reach out and find either similar or enhanced high quality supplements/oils from reputable producers from around the globe.

We’ve gone back to our roots and created a wonderful partnership with Andreas Wecker (Former German Olympic Gymnast – Gold, Silver & Bronze Medallist). He owns the patent on PanaSeeda and we stock his complete exciting Organic ranges.

We also found a superior bottle and Pharmaceutical Grade – Mg Chloride Hexahydrate, which allowed us to create our own 1st BRAND – Magnesium CALM 100ml (travel) & 250ml sprays.

We then reached out to the producer of Silver Biotics and we stock many of their exciting ranges.

My name is Magnus Mulliner.

Magnus Mulliner

I have been learning and teaching/coaching about nutrition, supplements, state management, health & wellbeing and creative movements (exercise) since 1989. For more than 30 years many of my ‘reminders’ have empowered self and people to make smarter environmental and LIFESTYLE choices. It’s not how long you live on this planet – Eden, it’s your quality of life. Would you agree?

I’ve worked closely with thousands of students and hundreds of one-on-one clients throughout this period. What an amazing pleasure and incredible learning curve.

The reason I teach about all the above and more is so that I learn it! That’s why I teach it. 😊

I'd like to introduce you to my family...

(Magnus), my wife Sarah, Lucas (left – three years young) and Austin (11 days young).
(July 2014)
christmas 2017

A little background…

I met Ian Clark, the CEO of Activation Products in March 2013, but before then I’d spoken to him in January 2012 about his products. He kindly sent me a sample of both Oceans Alive and Magnesium Infusion. My family and I have been consuming them ever since.

I’d had the privilege of reaping the benefits of Oceans Alive and Magnesium Infusion (Ease Magnesium/Magnesium CALM) for years – Improved sleep, improved skin condition and I feel so much calmer (although this might also be to do with practicing meditation and attending Buddhist events at the Temple in Ulverston and training in Iwama Aikido!). If you read through our testimonials list, other clients and friends have gained huge benefits too, but like everything in life, it all depends on what challenges - deficiencies and or toxicities people create in their lives before using these supplements.

THEN in January 2019 after operating as their UK / European Fulfilment Centre, Activation Products (AP), stopped talking to us and started firing their staff who we had created a wonderful working relationship with. Ian Clark went into ‘hiding’ and we couldn’t communicate to anyone at AP who could advise us as to what was going on! We eventually heard from Ian, but we didn’t receive the big picture, so we chose to let them go. I’m not one to put my energy where I don’t want it to go, suffice to say we decided to reach out and find either the exact same life enhancing supplement/s and or an improved version. Enter Magnesium CALM. It’s a slightly purer form of pharmaceutical grade – EMSURE Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate.

Please read my first eBook about it and the huge benefits Magnesium brings to our physical body – HERE.

We also reached out to an incredible man - Andreas Wecker (Former Gold, Silver, Bronze Olympic Gymnastics Champion), who created what Ian Clark has labelled as ‘Perfect Press’. His name used to be on the 207ml Miron bottles branded ‘PanaSeeda’. In fact, he carries the patent name for PanaSeeda! So, thrilled to see him thrive and offer a huge range of organic oils, including his Heirloom Fennel, Chia, Black Cumin and eight MORE!

We’re delighted to share that from April 2019, we started stocking/selling Andreas’ ‘Organic Certified’ USDA, Cold Pressed Oils.

Much more information about the benefits and supplement information can be found on this website and more can be found at www.thriveessentials.co.uk

I’m also delighted to share that Andreas Wecker produces, USDA Approved Organic CBD HEMP Oil – A World First, 100% COLD-Pressed from Plant & Seeds. www.prestorganics.co.uk

Andreas’ Patented COLD-Press technology delivers superior potency and absorption, 100% free from solvents, alcohol, MCT oils, additives and or preservatives.

Please do email us if you have any great health stories to share after using any of our products and we’d be delighted to use them as further testimonials: info@activationeurope.com

You’ll know this… “Where your Intention goes, so comes your experiences”. When you become mindful of your thoughts/attention and through the art of using empowering questions, you may start directing your intention and attention to that which you want more of in your life. Then watch it appear! Two main aspects determine how you feel in any one moment.

  1. How quickly you move your body. Remember: Your EMOTION is CREATED by MOTION. For many people working IN as opposed to working OUT creative movements (exercise) will energise them. Examples like: Tai Chi, Chi-Gong, Yoga, Pilates and Zonal Exercise (please email me separately if you wish to practice and learn more about these).
  2. What you tell yourself (Internal ‘chattering monkey’ thoughts), what you picture in your mind, and or what you pay attention to will ultimately determine HOW YOU FEEL!

I was never taught at school not to beLIEve all the thoughts that entered my mind! Were you?

Whatever thought comes to mind, your body creates the chemistry to act on that thought. For some people their childhood ‘programmes’ given to them by their parents, peers, teachers, etc may not serve them and because of acting out or behaving in a manner not aligned with their true SOUL or CORE values, causes them internal; emotional, mental, social, spiritual and or intuitive STRESSES!

Dreams – Thoughts – Words – Deeds/Actions

Are the above in alignment with your real purpose and or passion/s?

If you could choose to do anything, which brought you pleasure and prosperity, that you truly enjoyed doing, what would you chose to do?

In my opinion if something is NOT joyous, then we have smarter, more intelligent choices to make! Whose dream are you living?

It’s not about BEING positive all the time. It’s about creating BALANCE in your life and finding that hidden harmony, “The Peace that passeth all understanding” as Jesus allegedly once said.

The FACT remains that HOW YOU: Think, Breathe, Drink, Eat, Sleep and undertake Creative Movement daily will determine your whole quality of LIFE on this amazing Planet.

As a big THANK YOU for reading my first AE blog above I’d also like to offer you a 10% discount (if not already discounted) after you’ve placed your first supplement request with us. How do I know you’ve read this? I’d like you to type “About Us” in the ‘Instructions to Merchant’ before checking out and completing your payment.

If you have any further questions, please touch base.

Thank you for putting YOUR health FIRST and I wish you and yours a joyous and prosperous loving season.

NB. I’m sure you guys know this… Taking a high-quality supplement is secondary to consuming the right foods for YOU! I use Metabolic Typing® to determine the ‘fuel’ right for me. Most people ‘medicate’ themselves three times a day (Breakfast, Lunch & dinner). There are hundreds of biochemical reactions occurring each time we consume whole, local, seasonal, alive, organic foods.

Love and light,

Magnus, Sarah, Lucas, Austin & Team.