Eat the Foods That Are Right For You – “The 10 Habits to Your Vitality”

Welcome again to my Personal Essential Health reminder blog.

Right from the START- “What is re-celling’ you?

As always, it’s an invitation to learn, grow and make any necessary changes to take your quality of life to a whole new exciting level. Each month I’ll be ‘reminding’ you exactly HOW TO take further control of your environment/lifestyle so you don’t become a medical statistic and you’ll enjoy the journey, because it’s FREE, BUT does involve some new distinctions… How wonderful. ?

If you missed the Essential Habits 1-3, you’ll find them here

Habit #4 “Eat the Foods That Are Right For You”

Let me provide you with some food for thought and thought for food!

Hippocrates 460-377 B.C. once said, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” 

Lucretius, the Roman Healer/Philosopher succinctly observed some 2000 years ago, “One Man’s food is another man’s poison“.

In a nut shell, what is the best food right for YOU? Simple, one that does NOT irritate or cause inflammation internally. How cool is that to know? You basically become that which your body processes! That means whatever you consume is then; Ingested, Secreted, Digested, Absorbed and then Eliminated, assuming you’re not constipated, which over 50% of the population over 50 are!

I asked a Q at the start, “What is re-celling you?”. In each second, millions of biochemical reactions are taking place, which renew your body cells (We’ll talk about how VITALLY important your bacteria is during another month – Microbiome) and keep you healthy.

Liken the process to a Xerox machine. You have a beautiful young picture of yourself, which you’d like to make many copies of. So, you press ‘start’ and out comes another, almost identical picture of YOU. Now, if you use that copy (cell) and not the first one and make another copy, once again, out comes another great picture of YOU, but the quality is not as great as the very first (when you were young!). YOU keep following the process and eventually you notice that, the bright coloured, energetic looking YOU doesn’t look so good after a number of copies! How come? Sure, it’s down to the quality of the Xerox machine, but also the quality of the ink used as well as the speed of the machine, etc.

There’s no stopping our aging process, but my point is this: Unless YOU and I add in the right mixture of ‘colours’ to our diet as well as find the right ‘speed’ balance (Your ultimate happiness, quiet time/me time, passion and Creative Movements is in two months time) then we’ll age well before our time.

You know this when you see an old person who has been smoking over a few decades, their skin is wrinklier, their collagen elasticity is poor and often people who have smoked many decades often look much older than their counter parts who have made healthier choices. Did you know that over 60mg of Vitamin C is lost after one cigarette is smoked? Vitamin C is essential in the formation of collagen.

YOU see, FOOD IS ESSENTIALLY FOUNDATIONAL and thereby the primary determining factor of health vs. disease PERIOD! The right food for genetically based requirements allows for optimal gene expression for successful defence, compensation, adaptation, and resolution to stress.

The wrong food results in undesirable gene expression that leads to failed defence, dysfunction, degeneration, and disease. The first step in a successful daily HABIT is to practice consuming the RIGHT FOODS for YOU in the right Macro-Nutrient Ratio’s (MNR’s) (That is, the right amount of fats and proteins vs carbohydrates in each meal) The Metabolic Typing Diet, when followed correctly supplies the right foods in the right MNR’s to allow for optimal genetic expression. The degree to which that step is accomplished will determine the ultimate long term, LIFELONG success, or failure of YOUR Nutritional therapy.

A small tangent, but think about any animal alive today… what foods are they consuming, if they haven’t been interfered by man?  Do they suffer from CHD, Cancer, Type II diabetes, arthritis, etc? (Westerner’s dis-eases) What I find funny is the fact that not one animal drinks its own milk beyond its weaning years.  In fact, there is not one animal in this world that drinks someone else’s milk, but we do! And we are the intelligent ones!

Please understand, I’m NOT saying not to. Your best choice may well be Raw/Unpasteurised milk if you did choose to drink it and you were not INTOLERANT to it (that being it could cause inflammation). Certainly, FULL fat (Fat does not = fat, not controlling your blood sugar and or causing inflammation in your stomach can lead to high blood sugar levels) is best (organic and or local of course) and an invite to try goats and or sheep milk! Why? They are much more structurally compatible for us humans. There is 20x more casein (important Amino Acid – protein) in cow’s milk than in breast or goats/sheep milk.

Each person’s body’s requirements for Macro (Fat’s and Proteins vs Carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace minerals & bacteria, etc) are also quite different.  So, eating the same foods and proportions as your partner, friend or family member may cause nutritional malnutrition for one or both of you!  

How do you feel after eating a meal between 20 mins & 2hrs?  Does your nose start to run?  Do you feel tired, or hyper?  How does your stomach feel? Full, bloated, half full?  Do you have any food intolerances?  Do you have more food cravings for sweets/carb’s?”  When do you eat?  Eat only foods that are right for you!  Metabolic Typing is an individualised, tailor-made programme, which works at a cellular level.

NB: If you feel tired after 30 minutes of consuming some food/products it could be because there was too much fat in that meal. If you feel tired after 1hr & 15-30 min’s then the chances are you consumed too many carbohydrates and didn’t control your blood sugar levels!

Incidentally, if your nose did start to run while and or shortly after eating, that tells you that something in the food was NOT right for you.  Your body believes it’s being attacked by a virus and thus it releases mucus.  Not pleasant stuff, however it contains Secretory IgA, which is your body’s first line of defense.  It is a very strong antibody which will eventually kill the virus.  Therefore, if your body doesn’t produce mucus, there is no first line of defense (Secretory IgA)!!

Decongestants also constrict blood vessels, the little capillaries, or arterioles, that go to those capillaries, and the cilia, the little hair-like projections that beat to push mucus along to create a stream. They get paralysed because they don’t have blood flow, so there is no more ciliary movement.  The moral of the story, look at what you’re eating and remove those foods, which trigger your nose to run, don’t necessarily reach for a Big p-Harm-a pill to treat an ill/symptom!

In my opinion it is not wise to take a drug, which deals with a symptom (I call them ‘Messengers’) caused by you, your environment or the foods you eat.

How much information was in the food you just consumed? That is, did it contain all the essential macro and micronutrients required to sustain and re-cell you or has man made it and removed some of the micronutrients so that this now ‘Product’ has a longer SHELF LIFE? Manufacture’s usually remove the life enhancing enzymes and bacteria or a food would quite naturally go mouldy and rot within less than 24/48hrs.

Remember this…

“Anything with a SHELF LIFE will not have a SELF LIFE”.

That means these sugary, refined carbohydrate products DO NOT contain all the essential life enhancing nutrients our cells require to function optimally!

It’s the SAD / BAD CRAP which is ultimately causing our NHS to go bankrupt, along with pharmaceutical drugs, which DO NOT heal us, only perhaps at best remove an ‘annoying’ bodily symptom/messenger as well as poor hospital practices.

SAD = Standard American Diet

BAD = British Average Diet

CRAP – Caffeinated, Refined, Alcohol/Additives and Processed Products

You will find that over 90% of the ‘food’ items sold in most supermarkets is; dead, dysfunctional and denatured, but tastes great!

Consume only what is ALIVE.  What’s alive, has either eyes (meats/fish, etc), comes whole from above or below ground, off a bush or a tree or may live in water (fish, seaweed, etc). They are what I can Mother Nature’s FOODS.

If you and I went on a ‘date’ shopping, probably the best advice we could take, would be to walk around the outside of the store and leave most of the isle produce. I’ve found that Mother Nature’s foods, which don’t have a ‘shelf life’ can be found strategically positioned on the outside – Seasonal fruits, vegetables and meats/fish, etc.

Your Metabolic Type is unique and hereditarily linked. Eating the right foods in the right combinations for your Metabolic Type will make you feel great and improve your vitality and general well being.

The Metabolic Typing Diet has been around since the mid 1980’s when researchers in the US discovered “Biochemical Individuality”. They found that no two individuals are alike on a biochemical or physiological level. Cutting-edge research by Wolcott and Fahey (2000) shows that ‘The Metabolic Typing Diet’ will enable you to:

  • naturally achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  • enhance athletic performance
  • enjoy sustained energy and endurance
  • conquer indigestion, fatigue and allergies
  • bolster your immune system
  • prevent and reverse diseases
  • slow down the aging process
  • overcome mood swings and depression
  • ultimately improve your whole lifestyle and gain vitality

Everyone has a specific dominant metabolic rate, which is determined via factors such as heredity and environment, (Environment, microbiome, weather, stress, hydration, etc). These factors may change over time, but by ‘listening’ to your body, you can regain and maintain a sense of wellbeing and vitality.

Understanding more about your Metabolic Type will lead to increased physical energy enabling you to perform everyday tasks better, control cravings, eliminate hunger between meals and ultimately to increase your sense of well-being.

Generally speaking, when you go to the Medical Doctor he/she provides you with a pill/s/drug to treat the specific dis-ease or symptoms (‘Messengers’), rather than a non-specific approach that analyses the physiological & chemical imbalances/disturbances that underlie chronic health disorders.  Think about it… for how many decades/century’s have our bodies been healing us? Do you think our bodies were designed to self destruct or to kills us?  Of course, not! Only our bodies have the innate, intrinsic ability to heal us, all we need to do is to ensure we put in the right ‘fuel’ of which foods are part of this important process.

“Most people are totally unaware of how foods affect them, they are so used to feeling the way they do; it becomes a Habit, ingrained into their lifestyle, like taking a pill to remove their headache, rather than identifying the causes/s”. Magnus Mulliner, 2001

According to Donna Gates who wrote “The Body Ecology Diet” the human body has two brains and the main one is the gut/abdominal region.  People are not taking in enough minerals and their body’s pH (Potential Hydrogen – acid/alkaline) or blood becomes too acidic.  “If we choose too, we can play god in our own world”, when referring to the stomach.  Donna recommends we eat more fermented foods, which are sour in taste, but which will improve our main brains! If you introduce your babies to Kefir and pre/probiotics, they will not become addicted to sugar.

So what are you waiting for?  Start now to re-cell yourself and be open to the ‘communications’ your body provides you when you consume various foods. Choose a ‘rainbow’ of colours each day in your diet. Ensure your environment is a peaceful one, NOT watching or reading something. Away from your mobile phone, TV, book and or magazines. Please be PRESENT with your foods/products and start today finding out what new and exciting foods are best for you. It’s an invite to use the ‘rainbow’ effect and select local (if possible) seasonal foods with all kinds of colours.

I often remind my clients to “Get to know your local farmer’s now, or pay your Dr’s more later”.

Your Health/Vitality is a CHOICE, there’s no need to wait to become disabled, which seems the norm, when you look outside and see people with dysfunctional walking gaits, walking sticks, zimmer frames, wheelies, complaining about their ailments…



  1. Eat the FOODS right for you
  2. Find the right ratios of fat and proteins vs carbs (Meat, fish, cheeses, nuts, pulses, beans and seeds – more protein and fat based. Fruits and vegetables are more carbohydrate based. An avocado is mainly fat – fruit). DO NOT count calories (as stated before it’s not about the calories, it’s the ‘information’/nutrients in the foods) or measure sizes, just gauge, experiment and discover HOW MUCH and WHEN of various ‘rainbow coloured’ foods work best for YOU. If your wellbeing remains high throughout a given day, no matter how hard you work or play then maybe you’ve found the right ‘fuel’. If you have dips – highs and lows throughout a given day and rely on caffeine, sugary sweets/candy and or other ‘Self Life’ refined carbohydrate snacks, that have high GI’s to pick you up then you have a smarter choice to make!

GI = Glycaemic Index

With love and gratitude  

Magnus A. L. Mulliner & Family XXXX