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Below are some of the most common questions we’ve been asked…

What are the side effects to taking either Oceans Alive or Ease Magnesium?

Superb question! I haven’t read about one or discovered one myself and I’ve been using them for over 18 months (Aug 2013). Please follow the instructions on the bottles and you’ll reap their true benefits.

Slight tangent – A Joke!

What’s the difference between a poison and a Big Pharma drug prescribed by your doctor?

Think about it….


What are the Oceans Alive Requirements for Children?

See our blog post regarding Oceans Alive for children.

How is Ease Magnesium used?

That’s easy… Spray it directly onto your skin and gently massage into underarms, upper chest, in front of your hips, behind your knees and on top of your feet. It’s best used after showering or bathing, but can literally be applied anywhere on your body at anytime during the day, HOWEVER avoid all mucous membranes and open sores!

Our Mg Infusion spray is 100% pure Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate (MgCl2.6H2O) in a solution of ultra-purified water, which is lab certified.

Why can’t I just take a magnesium supplement instead?

You can! What the research shows is that some magnesium supplements are not processed so well and therefore using our Ease Magnesium will ensure it’s absorbed directly into your body.

You’ll find the cheaper forms of Magnesium tablets use salts, which are not absorbed well or retained in your tissues.

Good sources of Magnesium include: Citrate, Aspartate, Ascorbate, Orotate, Taurate, Glycinate & Fumerate. These supplements may also contain other nutrients like B-6 or L-Tryptophan (help you sleep better)

Can a pregnant person take either Oceans Alive or Ease Magnesium?

Awesome question!

Absolutely and as we’ve stated before, supplements mean supplementary, which means FOODS first. Your body recognises all the other nutrients in Mother Nature’s foods and she created many hundreds of positive biochemical reactions, however if you are consuming a diet deficient in magnesium and or omega 3’s (as well as all the other amazing nutrients in these supplements) then YES, you’ll find they are essential and maybe even life enhancing.

NB. My wife used the Mg Infusion spray every night before retiring when she was pregnant with our 2nd son Austin. In fact when she didn’t use the spray at night she sometimes woke up early in a morning with muscle cramps!! She also took Oceans Alive as a dietary supplement each morning.

Is Oceans Alive better than taking a fish oil supplement?

I love this question. Yes and no, depending on your beLIEfs and present DIEt! Some Vegetarians and Vegans for sure do not consume enough of what’s in this essential supplement.

I don’t mean to be too flippant when I say this, but I’d rather have expensive urine than be deficient in anything! Most people ‘medicate’ themselves three times day with foods or products. My family consumes whole, alive mostly organic local and season fresh meats, vegetables and fruit daily. Our three week young son Austin only has breast milk with occasional Holle Organic formula, however we all use daily both Oceans Alive and Mg Infusion.

I personally use both a great quality fish oil like Pharmax, Eskimo 3 oil or Carlson’s as well as Oceans Alive. I also rotate my supplements just like my foods.

What can I take Oceans Alive with?

You can take ‘The Gem of the Ocean’ with anything! We recommend you firstly shake your bottle well before usage and add between one and 15 drops in 4 oz water or juice and drink.

Our recommendation is you eat whole foods 20 or more minutes after drinking water or juice with Oceans Alive and then you don’t drink anything until an hour or so after eating. Drinking and eating at the same time has been shown to dilute your body’s ability at producing HCL and allowing it to break down what you’ve just consumed.

What does Oceans Alive taste like?

It tastes a little salty, which comes as no surprise when you think about it. It’s made from fresh harvested marine phytoplankton.

Does taking any of your supplements mean I don’t need to take my medications?

A definite NO!! We do state that you follow your physician’s instructions when it comes to popping pills. We DO NOT recommend you stop taking your medications.

Once I’ve placed my supplement order how long do I need to wait before it arrives?

Great question! If you reside in the UK and we’re at home then you can expect your supplement to arrive the following day. We love turning your requests around immediately. In most cases you’ll receive them within two working days. If however we are out of stock or on a break then we’ll email you and let you know when you’ll receive them!

If you are delayed longer than seven working days, as a big “Thank you” for your patience we’ll also offer you a 10% discount on your next supplement requests.

We ship 1st Class to Europe and Internationally. We would expect your supplement request to arrive between 4-12 working days.

Do I need to tell my Doctor that I’m using your supplements?

PLEASE DO! We’d be delighted for them to know what positive new dietary distinctions you’re making. We’d also love for them to enhance their quality of life and order from us too.

In fact, if your Medical Doctor did order from us and you email us their name and where their practice is, we’ll offer you a 20% discount off any of our supplements FOR LIFE!

It is estimated that 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. Some core symptoms that indicate you may be deficient in it include:

  • Heart disease
  • Muscle cramping
  • Diabetes
  • Stress and sleep disorders
  • Bowel disease
  • Osteoporosis

Did your Doctor know the above?

How is the Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton made and what’s its shelf life?

Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton is carefully grown in perfect, pristine conditions in a photo bioreactor. It takes 90 days of careful attention to every detail to complete a full growing cycle. A Marine Biologist named Dr. Luis Lubian was involved in an extensive study of more than 43,000 types of marine phytoplankton discovered this perfect nutritional strain.

The original goal of the research was to find strains of marine phytoplankton to produce a viable bio-fuel. They figured if marine phytoplankton could turn sunlight, seawater, minerals and CO2 into powerful, life-giving energy… there must be a way to use this fact to their advantage.

Every step is taken from harvest to stabilization, to packaging, with utmost scientific care, so you enjoy the full impact of life energy in the marine phytoplankton.

As for shelf life it’s a minimum of three years but I personally believe that it will still hold immense health benefits for many years after that. I believe there would be no ill-effects taking the marine phytoplankton after the shelf life date has expired, however we will ensure you receive a fresh supply and I wouldn’t waste a drop

Further information can be found at

For further accurate information please refer to the attachments, which show a very detailed independent laboratory report.

How is Ease Magnesium made and what’s its shelf life?

It is produced in a lab certified ultra-purified water environment. Pure 100% Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate (MgCl2.6H2O) is placed into a solution of ultra-purified water.

In my personal opinion this magnesium will never go off or lose its potency. It’s made from Magnesium Crystals, it’s very very beneficial and as I stated in our testimonials, I use it daily both in the morning after showering and before going to bed.

How long will a bottle of 30ml or 100ml of Oceans Alive last me?

Naturally that would depend on how many drops you use daily.

If you follow the suggested use on each bottle your 30ml will last you a month. 15 small pipette drops = 1ml. You can do the maths… Your 100ml bottle (better value for money) will last around 100 days or three and a half months.

How long do I have to wait before feeling the benefit of using your Ease Magnesium spray?

Fantastic question… and that would depend on YOU! How deficient or not you are internally with this essential ‘miracle’ nutrient.

From a personal experience I noticed within a day the benefits of some parts of my skin improved. At the time I had a few fungal challenges! My sleep improved within a few days and my energy levels took a little boost over the course of a week. If you had further analysis you may find your Mg levels up normal after a few months.

Please remember everyone is an individual and from a “Biochemical Individuality”, the size of your organs, skin, hydration levels, mindset, deficiency or efficiency, body cell requirement, metabolic type, etc would determine what you feel in the way of benefits. My gran couldn’t function properly without her Mg Infusion spray fix each day. An old friend who had an MI (Heart Attack) in Aug 2012 discovered he felt 100% better after using it each day and the list of benefits goes on… I recommend you read our Testimonials for further individual feedback.

What areas on my body can I NOT spray Ease Magnesium?

You can pretty much spray it anywhere. You can even use it to clean wounds as it eliminates infections, BUT it will sting a bit!

Can I spray Ease Magnesium in my mouth?

You can to eliminate bacteria and support good enamel health, but it does carry a bit of an after taste! The Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate was created for external usage to bypass any further challenges at getting into your body through your skin. We’ve previously answered a question above about taking magnesium supplements orally.

Are there any other excellent sources of magnesium?

Sure and I also recommend you use our Mg Infusion daily too, however FOODS always come first when it comes to providing our up to 100 trillion body cells with their requirements.

Great examples of magnesium are:

Halibut, almonds, cashews, spinach, potato, full fat plain yoghurt, long grain rice, bananas, whole full fat milk, raisins.

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If you have any further queries please let us know.

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Magnus, Sarah, Lucas and Austin