Habit #7 – Be the Source of Fun and Celebrate your Successes

How many of you take life too seriously? This is an important question…

I may have to thank my parents for that!

Welcome once again to our Life Enhancing Habits Blog.

Firstly, I’d like to wish you all an outstanding season.

As always, it’s an invite to LEARN/GROW and if necessary, make new wonderful distinctions to improve our whole quality of life and that of our family and community. BUT guess what? It starts with YOU!

I’ll be ‘reminding’ you exactly HOW TO take further control of your ‘Mimetic Habits’, so you don’t become a medical statistic and you’ll enjoy further human experiences. Why? Because it’s FREE and because you are worth it, and so is your family, however it does involve some new understandings… How wonderful ?

If you missed the Essentials Habits 1-6, you’ll find them here 🙂

“What does fun look like to you?”

When you were younger, research has shown that you would laugh over 300 times a day. As an adult you may chuckle three of four times a day. What’s that all about?  Seriousness kills passion and it has been known to harm other’s too!

What makes you laugh? What activities can you participate in which bring you immense pleasure or joy?  Think outside the box, us human beings have the greatest freedom of all – Choice. What decisions can you make, what actions can you take, what behaviours can bring you joy and satisfaction into your life – NOW?

As humans we feel a great sense of achievement when we are in service to others’. Some ideas would include working for a local charity, community and or centres, either educational or leisure orientated.  Money does not necessarily create happiness; however, it can provide us with many incredible moments.  Happiness is less a matter of getting what you want, rather wanting what you already have.

Scho Penhauer described it well:

“We seldom think of what we have, but always of what we lack. This is one of the greatest tragedies on Earth” 

Epicurious said succinctly:

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions but few wants”

Hugh Downs said:

“A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes”

I just love this one from Abraham Lincoln:

“I have noticed that folks are generally about as happy as they have made up their minds to be”

My hope is that you’ll create some space today and go deep by asking yourself some empowering questions like:

What could I be doing, which brings me peace and happiness, whilst being in service to others?

What new distinctions could I make, so that my happiness is expressed creating a win for all?

What is my true calling or passion (Soul Agenda), which brings me immense joy and happiness?

When was the last time you told someone how you truly felt about them, without any expectations of getting or receiving anything in return?

A quick reminder that health, happiness and peace is an inside out job, and our work (Check out Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’) is to find our real purpose and express it. It’s a ‘side effect’ if others are impressed with our new happy being, but please do create your own inspiring questions which take you closer to your goals or your new loving intentions.

How many of you ‘suck’ at celebrating your successes? What do you regard as an individual success? Is success a measurement of time? Not in my opinion.

For some of you it maybe getting out of bed once your alarm goes off the first time, instead of hitting the snooze button! It maybe remembering someone’s birthday and calling them, or just calling a friend and telling them how much they mean to you!  It’s an individual thing. My challenge is to find out what a success looks like to you and then friggin CELEBRATE it!!

All holding back causes suffering, so “Just do it”.  Remember tomorrow never, ever comes.  There will always be a tomorrow.  So, enjoy each moment you’re alive on this amazing, wonderful planet now, today and celebrate your own successes.

With love and gratitude  

Magnus A. L. Mulliner, Family & Team