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Rapid Recovery is widely endorsed for being an effective bio-available magnesium spray that will give you world-class relief. It contains an active Magnesium mineral that will give you quick recovery from stressed muscles after exercise. It is also responsible for the reduction of muscle cramps and helps in cellular respiration thereby increasing the amount of oxygen required by your body system.

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Using Rapid Recovery on your elbows and joints is an excellent way to increase absorption. When doing wrist curls in the gym, Rapid Recovery is best sprayed on your forearms. Your calves and shins can really take a beating, especially in the gym or on the track and trails.

This is where Rapid Recovery shines for you! Spray behind your knees for extra fast absorption, and spray directly onto your calves and shins so the day after leg day is abs or arms day, and you’re pumped for it!

6 x Rapid Recovery Magnesium Spray Info:

  • Spray and wipe once – no oil, no odour, no staining!
  • Magnesium – Rapidly absorbed
  • Housed in a #2 HDPE
  • EMSURE grade of MgCl2+6H2O (Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate), exceeds the Pharmaceutical Grade measurement – 100.3%
  • Six 250ml Spray Bottles.

Benefits of PURE Nutracare:

Thigh muscles and hamstrings are major muscles that when sore, can slow you down quite unlike any other muscle group. Spray Rapid Recovery onto your thighs and hamstrings after your next kettlebell session, or squats and you’ll feel the difference!, Your abdominal muscles are the core of your body. When they are sore, just sitting up in bed is a challenge. The next HIIT or Crossfit session you go to, or even if it’s just doing situps where you know your abs will be sore. Be sure to give an extra helping to your abs, and your muscles and body will thank you for it.

Rapid Recovery Magnesium Spray Usage tips:

Upon spraying Rapid Recovery onto your body, be sure to smooth it into your skin, and you’ll feel just how fast it goes to work. Muscle cramps melt away, and those pesky sore muscles all bound up tight are released. You can use Rapid Recovery on just about any part of your body. We do recommend that you avoid places like your eyes and nose however as it will cause a stinging sensation you probably won’t enjoy, so instead spray in your armpits and rub in there to get super fast absorption and all the benefits of Magnesium today!

Ingredients & Usage Guidelines

Ingredients5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water (<5ppm TDS), Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate
Suggested UseSpray PURE Nutracare Rapid Recovery onto your joints and muscles for rapid relief after phyiscal exercise or your daily tasks, then rub in. Avoid the eyes and nose as it may cause a stinging sensation, for fast absorption spray in your armpits and rub in.
Shelf-Life/Storage InstructionsStore in a cool, dry place. Expiry: 31/10/2020
Expiry Date10/2020

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Activation Europe

We decided after poor communications with AP in Jan 2019 to reach out and find either similar or enhanced high quality supplements/oils from reputable producers from around the globe. We’ve gone back to our roots and created a wonderful partnership with Andreas Wecker (Former German Olympic Gymnast – Gold, Silver & Bronze Medallist). He owns the patent on PanaSeeda and we stock his complete exciting Organic ranges.

We also found a superior bottle and Pharmaceutical Grade – Mg Chloride Hexahydrate, which allowed us to create our own 1st BRAND – Magnesium CALM 100ml (travel) & 250ml sprays.

We then reached out to the producer of Silver Biotics and we stock many of their exciting ranges.

Activation Europe provides the latest and freshest stock available in the UK & Europe, with every product available for dispatch the same day!

Learn more about Activation Europe
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Learn more about Activation Europe
Visit our sister site Thrive Essentials

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