Protect your liver every day from the comfort of your kitchen

It may not be something you ever really think about (aside from the occasional Saturday morning), but your liver is by far one of the most vital organs in your body.

Here are 10 reasons why…

1. If your body was a car, your liver would be the battery.

Your liver holds onto reserves of sugar and releases that sugar into your blood when you are low on energy.

2. Your liver is a big reason you don’t bleed out every time you get a cut.

Blood clotting happens largely thanks to proteins that are made in the liver. It’s why people with liver problems often experience excessive bleeding and bruising.

3. Every minute, 1.4 litres of blood are filtered through your liver.

That means that at any given time your liver is storing about 10% of the blood in your body.

4. Practically all of the medicine you take needs to be processed by your liver before it can be used.

Your body cannot use medicine before it is converted into something less foreign by your liver. So, if you rely on any kind of medication, you rely on your liver.

5. Your liver can grow back!

Even after sustaining heavy damage, your liver can repair and regrow!

This is the big reason that you can be a liver donor while you are still alive. Doctors can take out a large chunk of your liver and it will grow back!

6. Yellow pee starts in your liver!

Bilirubin — a toxic byproduct produced by our bodies — would damage your kidneys without your liver stepping in.

Your liver neutralizes this toxin and converts it into something water-soluble so that when it reaches your kidneys they can flush it out through your urine.

It’s actually why your pee has a yellow tint!

7. Your liver is the second largest organ in your body.

Right behind your skin (#1) and right before your brain (#3).

8. Over 500 life-sustaining functions happening in your body right now are thanks to your liver.

Filtering toxins out of your blood is only one part of this important organ’s job.

9. Liver transplants are quite new!

The first successful liver transplant was in 1967 — only 50 years ago!

I’m older than that!

10. Artificial liver replacements are not possible…yet!

And with the demand for new, healthy livers so high it’s not likely you’d get a natural one anytime soon if you needed it. So…

What does this all mean?

It means your liver is important!

It’s the only one you’ve got!

If you don’t take care of your liver every day, you’re going to wind up looking and feeling worse and worse as you age.

The good news is this isn’t something you need a trip to the doctor to start getting ahead of.

You can start protecting your liver every day from the comfort of your kitchen.

Eating this oil daily reinforces your liver and protects it from years of future damage.

P.S. Here’s another fun fact:

11. Your liver is your first line of defense against toxins in the food you eat and the things you drink.

It takes a beating every day.

Whether you drink alcohol or not, your liver is under attack from practically everything you eat.

Why not feed your liver something that will actually help it?

Send in the reinforcements: this is one of nature’s most heavily researched liver superfoods.