A lot of money for nothing! I bought the Oceans Alive 30ml supplement and after reading the reviews I thought it is going to be amazing.. But.. It didn't work. It is expensive and not doing what it says. I would rather buy some vitamins. Definitely not recommending it!!

Review left a week ago

Great customer service. Very pleasant to deal with

Review left 2 months ago

Fantastic communication and very prompt service. Great products at competitive prices, will use from now on Many thanks

Review left 9 months ago

Bought several products from Activation Europe, great quality and fast delivery. Will be ordering more.

Review left 7 months ago

I was asked a specific question by Activation products~ I am trying to answer it as I am a very satisfied customer of theirs for the past two years! So please don;t write to me in Hebrew. The product in question is EASE Mg in a spray form. I wish to let you know that since I tried this product 2 years ago I do not leave home without it!!!! It is a miracle product ! I suffered for a long time from muscle cramps in my legs' which used to wake me up with the most excruciating pain! Anybody who experienced this pain knows that it is horrible. Now I just put our my hand' in the middle of night take the bottle which is always near me and I spray 2 sprays on the pain! Miracle!!! In one minute I am pain free!!! Thank you Activation products!!!!

Review left a year ago