Harness the Nutrient Power of the Ocean!

Contains essential trace minerals found in our nutrient rich Oceans. These trace minerals are necessary for every function in the human body to maintain balance and good health.

Left in their most bio-available form, All-Natural liquid trace minerals balance the body’s pH level while supplying essential minerals. Packed with over 2,000 mg of ionic minerals per serving, Trace Pure Ocean Minerals illuminates your bio-electrical system and enables the cells in your body to properly communicate for optimal health ó from healthy teeth, bones, tissues, organs, blood formation and hormonal production.

Welcome and thank you for joining us.

Activation Europe is the official supplier and fufilment centre for Andreas Seed Oils, Silver Biotics & Magnesium CALM.

We decided after poor communications with AP in Jan 2019, to reach out and find either similar or enhanced high quality supplements/oils from reputable producers from around the globe. We’ve gone back to our roots and created a wonderful partnership with Andreas Wecker (Former German Olympic Gymnast – Gold, Silver & Bronze Medallist). He owns the patent on PanaSeeda Seed Oils and we stock his complete exciting Organic ranges.

We also found a superior bottle and Pharmaceutical Grade – Mg Chloride Hexahydrate, which allowed us to create our own 1st BRAND – Magnesium CALM 100ml (travel) & 250ml sprays.

We then reached out to the producer of Silver Biotics and we stock many of their exciting ranges.

We ship directly to you from our UK fufillment centre, with FREE UK Delivery and low cost postage prices to all EU countries + Internationally.

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