Oceans Alive Phytoplankton Fan Mail

Have you been thinking about adding marine phytoplankton to your daily routine?

If you follow our blog you’re probably already familiar with Oceans Alive — our raw marine phytoplankton supplement. This superfood supplement fills in the gaps in the human nutritional profile.

This is a product with a long list of benefits; it can have a wide range of positive effects. Everyone who takes it experiences an improvement in their overall wellness. Different people get different results, though, depending on their level of health and specific dietary needs.

We’ve gathered together some of our favorite testimonials for Oceans Alive, so you can get an idea of the results that just a few of our customers have experienced.

Natural pain relief

Oceans Alive has anti-inflammatory properties, which can relieve aches and pains. This customer’s wife was surprised by how much better she felt:

Jong C.

My wife and I also take the Oceans Alive daily. I am healthy so I don’t have a big story but I used to have fatigue. The Oceans Alive cured my fatigue and I feel smarter than before and my mind is way clearer than before.

What the Oceans Alive does for my wife is a little bit hard to believe. She had low back pain and couldn’t sit on a chair for a long time. After she started taking Oceans Alive, her back pain was gone. It didn’t make sense to me. How could the Oceans Alive remove her low back pain? Sometimes, her back pain comes back when she exerts herself too much then she just takes more, 30-40 drops right away and her pain is gone in a few hours.

Energy and mental clarity

Life can get pretty busy, and people often feel run down or exhausted by their day to day routines. Oceans Alive helps lift the brain fog and gives you the energy to power through. You don’t have to take our word for it, these customers were eager to share their stories:

Janice S.

The medical practice I run with my husband has us maxed out four days a week. At 65 years old, I am pushing harder now than I did at fifty. I have been taking Oceans Alive almost every day for over three years. When I miss taking my Oceans Alive I feel my energy run out earlier in the day. I admit I need it to keep this pace and I sleep better.

Ann V.

Some mornings I would miss taking Oceans Alive and end up pretty exhausted in the afternoon. When I would get back home I would have a shot and my energy was back in a few minutes! Now I keep it with me and take a shot if I feel tired and it makes quite a difference.

Audrey D.

I work in a hospital as a medical coder. I used to get tired, and my eyes would feel strained and heavy from the computer screens. Oceans Alive gives me a nice level of energy all day and now the day ends before my energy does! My ability to remember things more clearly has improved for sure. Thank you for making this available!


The following testimonial is not unlike many others we have received from people who feel like younger versions of themselves after making Oceans Alive part of their routine:

Bill & Marilyn L.

Well, 3 months have passed since my husband and I started taking Oceans Alive. As promised, I have an evaluation. This product is…simply put….awesome! We discontinued taking L-Arginine 5,000 mg daily which truly gave us energy but, these past 3 months taking Oceans Alive, have truly been a God-send. Not only do we have more energy, better mobility, even fewer aches and pains the day after strenuous work are gone and we sleep better and no longer have to take an afternoon nap. We have discontinued taking ALL other supplements but L-Carnitine and Co-Q10. Oceans Alive blends nicely with our Coconut Water w/Pineapple which helps hide the “fishy” taste/smell. No more Orange Juice for us with 17 daily supplements.

All in all, we are thrilled to report we are very pleased with Oceans Alive and how it has put the “aging process” on hold for us. The compliments continue. Our sons are truly amazed at our stamina, strength and endurance (yep, we were “hanging” with them) and our youthful appearance. Plus, we feel great! We will remain loyal customers.

Benefits for children

Oceans Alive nourishes kids’ bodies and minds during crucial stages of development. It can improve their ability to focus, reduce stress and improve their ability to learn. 


I wanted to share a story with you guys because it may be useful to know about if you’ve got any family or friends with similar conditions.

A close friend of mine has a child […] after a couple of weeks on Oceans Alive myself and noticing the calming effect on my own mind, I suggested to his parents that they give this a try, in the hope that it might make the child less stressed and therefore hopefully, maybe reduce the severity of symptoms (I cannot begin to describe how extreme these symptoms were).

They did try it, and after only a couple of weeks, things began to change, after four weeks the symptoms were all but gone and the child almost entirely back to normal!

It occurred to me to suggest this in the first place because of my one experience, and having listened to lots of interviews with Ian Clark speak about the effects it has on the brain.

His teacher at school now knows about Oceans Alive, so hopefully she shares it with other parents who are also at their wits end.

I can’t tell you what this product has done for this boy and his family, it’s been like a miracle in all honesty.

So, thank you, Ian Clark and Activation team!

Healthy, glowing skin

You can apply this marine phytoplankton formula topically, for accelerated healing of minor burns, cuts and rashes, as well as to encourage clear, smooth skin.

Aaron F.

I had underarm [skin issues] for over a decade. I tried everything under the sun and couldn’t get rid of it until I tried Oceans Alive. After four months of use the rash completely disappeared. Thank you for a wonderful product.


Frequent digestive problems and constipation can be a major pain. But Oceans Alive can help you conquer these issues and start feeling healthier.

Trace W.

Thank God for this product! The most noticeable experience I had from taking the Oceans Alive is that it has regulated my bowel movement. I’ve suffered with constipation for years, so I’m definitely loving this product. I’m also sleeping better. And for those of you wondering, I’m taking 16 drops per day in 4 oz of water on an empty stomach.

It even helps pets!

Dogs, cats, horses, rodents… we’ve even had customers who have added it to their fish tanks to improve the health and wellbeing of aquatic pets. 

Priya G.

Hello everyone! I have a young cat who was suffering from bowel inflammation and was hoping that nature can help heal her. Then I read about this Oceans Alive and decided to give it a try. I’ve been adding the marine drops to my cat’s water bowl. It’s now been 11 days since I started giving her the drops and I’m very surprised she is jumping around and playing. This definitely gave a boost to her and I’m so happy I did the right thing by giving it to her in her water bowl! Thanks.

Overall wellness

Many customers notice a whole range of benefits when they start taking Oceans Alive. Some people, like Liz, notice that they feel so much better that it makes it easier for them to make other healthy food and exercise choices.


I started taking Sun Chlorella approximately 5 months ago. In the last few months, I have experienced a significant change in my health and energy level! Now I have graduated to Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton. As a result, my general health has improved even more and I find that there is more clarity in my thinking. I don’t eat as much, and when I do, I am drawn to healthier foods. This is phenomenal, because I have always had difficulty cutting my portions. In addition, I used to experience extreme brain fog and had difficulty with my memory. Well… no more. I give this product not a five star but a ten star rating! I appreciate the quality of this product. After reviewing several phytoplankton products, I decided to go with this one. I have used many of this manufacturer’s products over the years and trust the quality of this phytoplankton.

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