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100% Highly Absorbable Mineral Spray created by Sunfoods.

Magnesium is known as the “Miracle Mineral” and the “Spark of Life.” An essential mineral, magnesium may contribute to normal bone health and healthy immunity. When sprayed on the skin, our Magnesium Oil is almost immediately assimilated by the body, channeled directly to the cellular level.

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3 pack SunFood Magnesium Oil 3 x 118ml

SunFood Magnesium Oil. The Sunfood Difference™ Other products labeled “magnesium oil” are simply magnesium chloride. These cheap alternatives tend to offer marginal results because they evaporate quickly with minimal infusion of magnesium, or simply coat the skin without being absorbed.

Sunfood Magnesium Oil is made using only the purest, most potent, most absorbable, food/pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate sourced from Dead Sea salt. Our proprietary infusion process gives this product the ability to penetrate quickly and deeply, establishing Sunfood Magnesium Oil in a class all its own.

Benefits of SunFood Magnesium Oil

Sunfoods Magnesium spray is a special pain, sleep and stress solution that goes to work in under 90 seconds, giving you powerful and fast relief from some of life’s worst age accelerators. It’s a bioavailable magnesium solution that soothes your body from your head to your toes. Once absorbed through your skin, your muscles and joints soak up the magnesium and your aches, pains and tension melt away.

Several studies suggest that magnesium deficiency is as high as 80% in the U.S. If that’s not bad enough, magnesium deficiency has been linked to more than 50 health conditions. Replenishing your body of the magnesium it’s missing is paramount. EASE makes getting the magnesium you need not only easy, but fast. Nearly everyone who uses this one-of-a-kind spray reports feeling noticeable effects immediately. Cramps disappear, muscles relax, joint pain fades and you get the quality sleep you deserve.

3 pack SunFood Magnesium Oil 3 x 118ml Ingredients & Usage Guidelines

IngredientsUltra-purified water, food/pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate,USDA certified.
Suggested UseSpray 2-3 times daily onto chest, feet, joints, backs of the knees, and under arms. Lightly massage into skin for proper absorption. Use to address areas of pain and inflammation, as well as skin issues such as wrinkles, sun-damage and age spots. You may also spray onto your teeth and brush to help improve your smile, or try adding to a hot bath for a relaxing soak.
Shelf-Life/Storage InstructionsStore in a cool, dry place. Expiry: 05/2024.
Expiry Date05/2024

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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