Habit #1 – Thoughts

Thank you for taking these few precious moments to Put Your Health 1st. Liken it to being in an airplane… If the cabin pressure dropped and the warning sounds went off your lifesaving oxygen masks drop down. We’re told to put ours on first before our children and or assisting another’s.

So, your Health is a CHOICE and if you’ve been watching, reading and or listening to any of Ian Clark’s passionate recordings and or blogs, you’ll know why we chose to set up Activation Europe in 2011.

My monthly blog will be based on ‘reminding’ you how to become more empowered and take control of your health and those around you. You’ll learn new exciting HABITUAL distinctions, which when applied will add further deposits to your ‘health bank account’ and cost you nothing extra, except AWARENESS.

This month reminder is all about your ‘THOUGHTS’ or in the words of Anthony Robbins your, ‘State Management’.

What you picture in your mind, what you tell yourself and or what you pay attention to will pretty much determine in any one moment how you FEEL.


In the words of the late Jim Rohn, “You are the average of five people you spend time with”. So what is your environment like?

As a Westerner, we sure are great at LABELLING things, ‘Good, bad and indifferent”. Yet Shakespeare once said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. Bottom line we can control our States of MIND, not by controlling anything external to us necessarily, but by changing our minds about what we see, feel, hear, etc. HOW?

I love the Buddhist analogy of an ‘Internal and external problem’. Although in my opinion there are zero/no problems or issues external to self, there are however some CHALLENGES and with these challenges there are some amazing OPPORTUNITIES to 1. Change our Thoughts, Words and Deeds and 2. Move – movement is life and life is movement. How quickly/slowly you move will also determine how you feel. Much more on that later when we come to Habit #6, Creative Movements daily in August.

Another way I remind my internationally clients can be summed up like this: Below is one of the MOST powerful equations, which instantly allows you to take control in any given situation.

T – A = R + ND

You see, your Thoughts, lead to your Actions (or behaviours), which equal your Results or REALITY (an illusion – discussion for another time!). If in any one moment you or I are not happy with our Results or Reality. Simple, CHANGE our Thoughts. In the words of the late Dr Wayne Dyer, “If you want something to change, then change the way you look at it”. Once you do, your Results/Reality changes and so does your New Destiny!

Another simple idea, which becomes wisdom when applied are three Q’s:-

1. What is working well in this situation?

2. What is NOT working well in this situation?

3. What actions am I going to take NOW to bring me closer to where I want to be?

Always start with a positive – Q1. Once you have answered Q2, become mindful about, “Where your intentions go, energies flow”. What your unconscious mind is focussing on which is millions of times more powerful than your conscious mind (read or watch Dr Bruce Lipton’s books) brings you to your REALITY/RESULTS! I don’t wish to swear on my first empowering blog for Activation Europe, BUT you’ve got to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY or RESPONSE, ABLE

Q: How would love respond in this situation? Have you ever asked yourself this question when you feel like, think like there’s a problem/issue or you’re stressed, annoyed or vexed in some fashion?

The exciting FACT is; you and I are CONSTANTLY asking Q’s, or constantly evaluating things and the type of Q’s we ask on a regular basis will determine WHAT we focus on, which will lead to HOW we feel in any given moment. So cool… taking RESPONSIBILITY and NOT blaming another for HOW we feel.

NB. NO one can make you feel like poo, annoyed, angry, etc. That’s our job because of our E.G.O – Edging God Out! It’s not wrong, it just may not serve us and “What would LOVE say in that moment?” once we are CONSCIOUS and decide to STOP the ‘Stinking thinking’ BAM we change our ‘vibration’, our FREQUENCY and attract that which we need!

Our EGO has been created to keep us SAFE, SECURE and PREDICTABLE! But unfortunately it’s also involved in ‘wanting more’ – Avarice, and also not happy ‘until s/he says or acts a certain way’. WOW, how does trying to control another work for you? I personally find it sometimes stressful, wanting my INTERNAL thoughts to match what I beLIEve is ‘right’ on the EXTERNAL.

What I have learned is that if I can SENSE and OBSERVE much more, rather than trying to CONTROL and PREDICT, what’s going to happen next when my wife does this my children do that… then there are less bad words on TV and I’m much more at peace with Magnus (Whoever he is!)

Back to the Buddhist – Internal/External analogy.

If your mobile phone doesn’t work, breaks because you drop it or you can’t get a signal when YOU want it. Guess who has the external problem/challenge? Correct, your phone does! Exactly on time (because that is our reality) your mobile doesn’t work and IT has the problem, NOT YOU, however there also lies an INTERNAL challenge – State Management again. That means you can, when you’re ready let go of any parental injunctions and or childish behaviours (kick your phone, smash it, become angry with IT!) and CONTROL how you feel, given the predicament you’re now in. Next Q: What can I do right now which will bring me closer to my needs and make me feel awesome? Another smart, empowering Q, assuming that the above situation befalls you. What could I do right now to fix my present communication challenge so that I can get close to my goals or wish?

I could go on, but I value your time and know that IF any of the above has LANDED and if you and only you, choose to practice (Practice is the mother of skill, if what you’re practicing is skilful!) ASKING smarter, more intelligent, empowering Q’s, then you’ll start to behave like a CONSCIOUS HUMAN BEING and will then release whatever parental programmes, you’ve learned from your ‘social mirror’, your environment, your teachers, your pedagogical figure heads, your priest, etc.

Next month we look at your Breath! This alone can control the pH of your body and can/will instantly relax or stress you!

I wish you all a joyous, fun loving Month and please DO NOT take life toooo seriously (as I keep telling myself), life was never meant to be serious.

Sending love and light,

Magnus & Family 🙂

April 2016